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V4-V5 SoftCam CNC

Machine V4-V5 SoftCam CNC

Thanks to the revolutionary and innovative development of the Came Virtuelle, the V4/V5 SoftCam is the only CNC machine on the market that can reach the same cycle times as a cam machine.


This machine is the evolution of the V2 SoftCam equipped with a 3-station turret, including :


  • 1 counter-collet spindle
  • 2 boring spindles


The station change is carried out in 1/4" by a Geneva drive. Locking is carried out via a pilot punch with an axis parallel to that of the spindles, but placed on a larger radius. This technique guarantees positioning accuracy.


The V4 SoftCam CNC is no longer dependent on the interpretation of a language, line by line, but executes several virtual cams simultaneously. All the movements carried out by the turret (centering-drilling-movement of the counter-collet) can be executed simultaneously with the turning and sectioning movements. This revolutionary approach enables the machine to attain far faster run cycles than with comparable CNC machines.


The SoftCam control makes for very quick and easy programming thanks to optimized pictograms and diagrams. Each operation can then be corrected individually by the operator, very easily. SoftCam can be learned by operators within a few hours.


Compared to a cam-controlled machine, SoftCam CNC control enables flexibility and productivity optimization without loss of time.


Types of uses


  • Simple and complex parts
  • Coil stock
  • Material diameter from 0.3 to 5 mm (maximum in mild steel)
  • Two-tool turning operations
  • Front-end machining with 2 tools
  • Possibility to carry out drilling and counter-drilling deburring
  • Possible operation in follower mode (movable counter-collet follows material)
  • Can be worked without forming tools
  • Non-stop 24-h production
  • Easy and fast start-up thanks to SoftCam
  • Easy production process adaptation


Examples of parts produced with the V4-V5 SoftCam CNC machine



  • Optimized run cycles thanks to the FlexCam system, resulting in greater precision and longer tool life.
  • Economical and efficient production of simple parts with short production cycles.
  • Reduction of materials cost via significant reduction of offcuts.
  • Machined parts without cut-off burrs, thus avoiding costly reworking.
  • Since the part is better anchored, feed rates for plunge operations or cutting can be higher.
  • Reduced manufacturing costs due to space-saving design of the coil machines (compact design).
  • Reduced labor since machines are fed (material loaded by coil) at longer intervals, true 24/7 continuous work. The operator can use the time freed up to run more machinery.
  • Production halts due to loading are less frequent.


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Banner Ventura Line
Machine V4-V5 SoftCam CNC
Examples of parts produced with the V4-V5 SoftCam CNC machine

info @

+41 32 855 25 10

Banner Ventura Line
Machine V4-V5 SoftCam CNC
Examples of parts produced with the V4-V5 SoftCam CNC machine